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Работа офиса в период майских праздников


Check-up в клинике Bethanien и размещение в EDEN AU LAC в Цюрихе / 3 дня / 2 ночи


Medinterswiss is your reliable partner in the field of Swiss medicine. We are ready to offer you diagnostics and treatment of any diseases in the best Swiss clinics, with the most famous private doctors and at the most convenient time.

In spite of a lot of advantages treatment in Switzerland, there are some aspects which can interfere with comfortable staying in clinic. There are some disadvantages: lack of the internal information about patient care institutions of Switzerland, problem of making an appointment with concrete doctor, language barrier and adaptation to new conditions. Medinterswiss helps you to overcome all difficulties on the way to high standards of the Swiss public health services.


We are offering you:

  • - Check up
  • - All types of medical help, including difficult surgeries and plastic surgeries
  • - The choice of doctor you wish to be treated by, the possibility to attract other world-famous specialists to cooperation.
  • - Famous medical centers and available hospitals with modern equipment, surgeries, using progressive methods of rehab and anesthetization.
  • - Making a plan and organizing the order of medical services, i.e. staying at the hospital / clinic, dates of surgeries and specialists visits, personal medical care and / or escort, etc.
  • - The organization of additional consultations on the territory of Switzerland for making the right choice of the treating doctor or the surgery when needed.
  • - Creating a program of staying in the country and organization of the trip.
  • - Planning and organization of the possible private activity: flights, transfer and hotel accommodation, interpreter and translator services, etc. ( also for attendants)
  • - Paper work and visa support
  • - Individual service and personal escort using your mother tongue
  • - Administrative and financial support organization
  • - Mediation of business contacts establishment

We can make the most convenient schedule of staying in Switzerland that meets all your requirements and needs and turns your medical trip into a comfortable journey.